twokids1Since 1948, we have prepared thousands of children for their Bar and Bat Mitzvah. At the Village Temple, however, learning begins long before this important rite of passage and continues ad infinitum. We believe in a comprehensive Jewish educational experience, ranging from fun, camp-inspired experiencial learning to textual study, always guided by our vision, mission and goals. Through our Religious School, Early Childhood and Adult Education programs, we strive to provide students, adults and families with a sense of Jewish history and culture, links between past and present and one generation and the next.

From Pre-K through Grade 12, we provide a strong grounding in Jewish history, texts, Hebrew, culture and ritual. We want our students to feel that Judaism is relevant to their lives, to understand how Jewish principles and belief in social justice can guide them in their relationships within their families, with friends, and with the wider world. Click here to learn more about our Religious School, Preschool and Teen Education Programs.

FREE membership! Special offer for families with children entering 1st or 2nd grade. Enroll your child in The Village Temple Religious School and receive a one-year free membership for families who are new to our temple community.