Remembering Carmi Landes

On January 12, The Village Temple will host a memorial service for our long time congregant, volunteer and friend, Dr. Carmi Landes, who died in October. Every Friday night, Carmi’s fellow Board members have been standing together to say Kaddish for her, in honor of her service at The Village Temple and will continue this practice for a year.

“Kesher” or connection has been our operating theme this year and it takes many forms.  Carmi’s death has reminded us of the space The Village Temple fills for many of us. It isn’t our only community and we may or may not be close friends with other congregants. But at certain moments, usually connected significant life passages, the synagogue provides an emotional center that can’t be replicated anywhere else. The exact nature of that bond differs from person to person. For some it is religious or spiritual; for others the tie is harder to pin down, linked to memory or perhaps longing.

Through our services and special programming, we are trying to honor the many facets of Judaism that may speak to us individually—religious, cultural, intellectual, culinary, political, and ethical.   The more we consider where we’ve come from and where we might be going, the stronger we become as a community. This is the central theme that runs through everything we do—our Synaplex Shabbats, our interfaith events, the Prayer Project, the film series, our social action programs,  our children’s choir and Religious School events.  Let us know what moves you and what doesn’t.  Tell us what you think is missing and what you love so much you wish there was more of it.

If you have doubts about your own connection don’t worry. You aren’t alone. The great writer Isaac Bashevis Singer put it well:  “Doubt is part of all religion,” he wrote. “All the religious thinkers were doubters.”