Remembering the Shoah – and Why

On Sunday, April 19, The Village Temple commemorated the Holocaust by connecting the future with the past. Our Religious School students, led by Alex Tansky and Rabbi Koster, conducted a heartfelt and meaningful ceremony aimed at honoring those who died
by emphasizing the moral responsibility we carry to prevent cruelty and injustice. Anita Hollander’s achingly exquisite rendition of songs from the Holocaust revealed the poetry our predecessors were able to muster in the midst of horror. Following the ceremony,
Emily Hacker showed her sister Melissa’s beautiful documentary film My Knees were Jumping, about their mother Ruth Morley and others who were part of the Kindertransport. What courage it took for those parents to send their children into the unknown, so they could survive! Seeing these stories of children torn from family and home offered a powerful reminder of human resilience and the fortitude of hope. We may never be able to comprehend the evil that led to the Holocaust, but we were grateful to be inspired by children of this generation and those who came before.