A woman lights the shabbat candles, with many children and parents watchingWhy join?

The Village Temple founded in 1948 is Greenwich Village’s oldest Reform synagogue. Here, the traditional and the new, the spiritual and the secular, the past and present, the search for God firmly anchored in the diverse reality of all of our lives are nurtured and encouraged. People who seek a community rich in diversity and committed to Jewish life will find a home here.

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We understand that choosing a temple is a big decision and we are here to answer any of your questions. We welcome you to come by and let us welcome you to a Shabbat service or a special  program. Friday night services begin at 6:45 PM. If you have young children (ages 2-5), we encourage you to drop by one of our family-friendly Bim Bam Shabbat services, offered monthly at 5:30 PM (resuming in the Fall). To learn about the Village Temple Religious School, our Education Director is available to meet with you and tours of the school are available whenever school is in session.



















Download Village Temple Membership Application 

As Reform Jews, we are committed to actively welcoming all and building a vibrant, inclusive and diverse synagogue community. We embrace the mitzvah of ahavat ger, the commandment to love the stranger, and thus we welcome those not yet connected to our Jewish community into our congregation. If you have any questions about membership or would like to set up a visit with our Executive Director, Sandy Albert or Education Director, Alex Tansky please call the Village Temple at 212-674-2340.




Take a journey with Harriet Zimmer, our most senior member of 66 years!