Rabbi Fersko’s Sermons

The Legacy of Justice Ruth Bather Ginsburg – October 4, 2020

“Words like icon, legend, trailblazer, boundary-breaker, role model and hero – they’re all cliches. But not for her.” Rabbi Fersko reflects on the life, loss, and legacy of the late Justice.


Yom Kippur Sermon – September 28, 2020

“Instead of valuing lives, have we become all too comfortable diminishing them?” Rabbi Fersko reflects on the pandemic, racial justice, and the value of human life.


Kol Nidre Sermon – September 27, 2020

Rabbi Fersko comments on the current state of anti-semitism which she calls “subtle and slippery and sophisticated.”


Rosh Hashanah Sermon – September 19, 2020

Courage in the face of fear is a Jewish mandate.” Rabbi Fersko discusses our approach to pandemic life.


Rabbi Fersko’s First Sermon – July 3, 2020

It all began on zoom….