Tikkun Olam (Social Action)


The Village Temple membership and leadership believe that social action is central to our faith.  Therefore, the Temple has a Social Action Committee which focuses on doing justice, not just talking about it.  Our soup kitchen, called “almost certainly the city’s finest” by the New York Daily News, has been providing free lunches on Saturdays for 27 years to those who have less.  Village Temple members are encouraged to volunteer their time and energy to preparing these homemade meals. In addition, every year the social action committee works on various projects and campaigns that advance the cause of social and economic justice, with a special focus on engaging our children.  If you are interested in learning more about this committee or getting involved in its work, please contact  the temple office at 212-674-2340.


The 1000 Ministers March

NYC and DC Women’s March 




 Shabbat with Ruth Messinger


The Village Temple Mitzvah Day – Washington Square Park Cleanup